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District One Councillor

Proud Lazaroise for nearly 22 years, mother of three children, and business owner, Genevieve Lachance moved to Saint-Lazare along with her husband in 1998 looking for a healthy and safe place to raise a family with plenty of green space to enjoy. 

Having worked in the financial service industry for almost 15 years including working as a Financial Service Manager at the National Bank in both Hudson and St‑Lazare, Mrs. Lachance has been involved with the local community on several different levels. 

As a city councillor, she would like to work closely with the community to ensure that the decisions taken reflects the desires and needs of the citizens. Being accessible and encouraging transparency is also very important to her. 


Solidarity always wins

Solidarity always wins

As I scrolled through my Facebook feed, I started feeling a sense of sadness. Reading conversations about COVID and how more and more divided we're becoming as the numbers seem to be out of control. I felt an urge to write this blog post, mainly to express myself for...

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Status Quo is not an option!

Status Quo is not an option!

Change is difficult and disruptive, so most people prefer the status quo. But I believe in challenging the status quo because it's not because something has been done a certain way for a very long time that it should stay that way. Government is probably where it's...

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The Rotten Apples

The Rotten Apples

I never thought of myself as a politician and I didn't become a city councilor in 2017 because I had political ambitions. At the municipal level, I think most people enter politics because they want to see change and improve their community. But often, for some odd...

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I’m a bad politician!

I’m a bad politician!

I want to discuss a certain topic which I’m really finding frustrating in my job as a municipal councilor (ok, so there are a lot but this is an important one). With the numerous requests a town receives from its residents, priorities need to be set and sometimes what...

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Let’s work together to ensure sound management of our city and responsible spending, done with integrity, honesty and openly for the benefit and well-being of all our citizens!

My Priorities


Unnecessarily spending money on extravagant projects puts pressure on families, retirees and people living on fixed incomes who are often struggling to make ends meet.

The big projects and excess spending in recent years and planned future projects will inevitably increase our taxes drastically in the coming years. I would like to reduce excessive spending to maintain a reasonable tax rate.


Sustainable development means to meet our needs without undermining the integrity and stability of the environment and without compromising the ability of future generations. We need to make sure that the environment is a priority in all our decisions.


Doing more than the minimum to ensure that citizens are well informed about municipal projects which will have a direct impact on their daily lives is paramount. Let’s make sure we provide all important information to our community in an efficient and timely manner.

Listening, understanding the real needs of our citizens and empathy are essential in the duties of a councillor to understand the impact of our decisions on the population.

Encouraging constructive involvement and input from the community during the planning process, well before decisions are made would ensure that it accurately reflects community objectives.

Being a councillor means representing the voice of our citizens who are part of our beautiful community!


Maintaining and improving the state of infrastructure should definitely be our main priority!

Brown water, sinking houses, landslide zones, sewers issues, possible future water shortage should all be addressed urgently. Residents should not have to plead their case for years to be heard!


Promote active, healthy living for people of all ages and abilities by providing the necessary programs and facilities that foster wellness and leisure.

Improve community involvement of both the youth and senior populations.

Support the vision of a safe, beautiful, and connected community which we can be proud to live in.

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