Saint-Lazare Public consultation November 14, 2017 regarding rezoning changes to C-054, C-056, C-058, C-060, C-076, and C-078.

Approximately 18 people attended the public meeting.

*The zoning for the area directly around Mon Village (C-052 and H-053) was already changed back in March by the previous council. The C-052 changed the type of businesses allowed (like what we’re looking at doing now for C-054, C-056, C-058, C-060, C-076, and C-078) and H-053 was changed into residential zoning. A possible project is going there but nothing has been officially presented to the new council, nothing has passed or was approved so I have no information to provide.

The changed proposed to council for which we had a public consultation on November 14th is to change the zoning for C-054, C-056, C-058, C-060, C-076, and C-078 which is ALREADY zoned commercial but has restrictions in terms of what type of commercial businesses which can be established there. The new zoning would allow additional types of businesses which would widen the possible offerings to that area of Saint-Lazare and be less restrictive. Motives for the rezoning as I understood:

  • These changes would make those commercial zones “uniform” and offer the same and equal competitive edge for all commercial zones mentioned
  • People in that area tend to go shopping outside of Saint-Lazare (Vaudreuil-Dorion, Hudson, Hawksbury, etc.) since it’s easy access to the highway
  • We want to encourage the growth of our local economy
  • There was a request from C-078 owners (where the Tim’s is) to change the zoning and add more possible type of businesses there because apparently they had to refuse renters because they didn’t meet the current zoning requirements
  • There is a lack of local options in terms of shopping and services for residents in that sector
    According to what we were told, other than the request from the owner of C-078, no other projects are on the table or were presented and no other reason other than the above mentioned points are the motive for rezoning these commercial zones.

There were some worries from some of the residents and downtown core business people that by allowing all these different type pf businesses in that area, it will take away business from the downtown core and will affect them negatively. This is one of the points we need to consider when the council vote on these changes. According to my door to door, a big portion of the residents in that area don’t shop in the Saint-Lazare downtown core so if true, the impact to the businesses in the center of town should not be drastic in my opinion since they’re a totally different market.

I think one question we need to ask ourselves is why people choose to shop outside Saint-Lazare (prices, quality, selections, service, etc.)? If we decide to create commercial spaces, we have to understand the mind of the shopper and have a vision for the future which should also include how it will impact Saint-Lazare residents, our local economy and the environment.

What are your thoughts?

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