On Tuesday November 21st, 2017 the new council had their first monthly council meeting in the new town hall. Some more improvements still needed to be done such as adding microphones in the room and better location for the TV screens but we’re getting there slowly! I feel that everything went relatively well, around 50 people attended.

 Worth Mentioning

On Tuesday’s council meeting, we had to vote on a resolution regarding a request for financial assistance under the “Fonds de la sécurité routière” program for the redevelopment project at the intersections of Bedard and Chemin St-Louis. This financial assistance would have POSSIBLY (no guarantee) given us from $0 to $350,000 toward the project and had to be deposited by November 30th. This resolution was rejected by a majority vote. (see results below under A)

Here’s my perspective and why I voted against the resolution proposed:

This project is the very “controversial” roundabout that has been discussed for a long time with the previous administration and was also discussed during the election campaign. The total amount of the project would cost close to $2 million (plus interest cost on the loan amount).

We all agree that the intersection of Bedard and Chemin St-Louis is problematic and traffic is the issue, we will need to address this problem. When I did my door to door, a majority of the residents I met were very concerned about the town spending over the last few years. Responsible spending was my main platform during the elections and is still my main objective.

Having said that, we were faced with making the decision to apply for financial assistance on Tuesday November 21, which would have also required for us to deposit the roundabout project documents with this request. This to me would have forced me to position myself in favor of the project which I wasn’t ready to do.

Here’s why: 

  1. We had not seen the entire budget, expenses, revenues, the bottom line and the tax rate we were going to work with for 2018.
  2. As well, I didn’t feel like I had all the information regarding traffic solutions. I felt that we possibly didn’t look at all the possibilities and needed more time to study the solutions. Just as a reminder, we only had a few days under our belts as councillors!
  3. The government subsidies we were applying for were not guaranteed and I couldn’t base my decision solely on a possibility.
  4. Any decisions couldn’t be rushed as this project was such a hot and sensitive topic for Saint-Lazare citizens.

For all those reasons, I had to vote against this resolution.


What are your thoughts about the traffic situation at that intersection and the roundabout project?

Please submit a comment below. 

Extrait du Procès-verbal ci-dessous. Pour le Proces-Verbal Seance Ordinaire du 21 Novembre 2017 complet et officiel, voir le site de la ville de Saint-Lazare https://ville.saint-lazare.qc.ca/documents/ProcesVerbaux/2017/SO171121.pdf (Document not available in English). 


11-478-17  Participation de la Ville à l’appel de projets dans le cadre du programme d’aide financière du Fonds de la sécurité routière.

ATTENDU QUE la Ville désire encourager le transport actif sur son territoire;

ATTENDU QUE dans son plan directeur de circulation, le réaménagement du carrefour à l’intersection du chemin Saint-Louis et de l’avenue Bédard est identifié comme priorité, de façon à améliorer les niveaux de services toutes directions et à poursuivre le déploiement sécuritaire de son réseau de transport actif;

ATTENDU QUE la Ville désire présenter une demande dans le cadre du programme d’aide financière du Fonds de la sécurité routière concernant le projet de réaménagement du carrefour ci-dessus mentionné;

EN CONSÉQUENCE, le projet de résolution ci-dessous est soumis :

D’autoriser la présentation du projet de réaménagement du carrefour à l’intersection du chemin Saint-Louis et de l’avenue Bédard dans le cadre du programme d’aide financière du Fonds de la sécurité routière, pour l’exercice financier 2017-2018. D’autoriser le directeur du Service des infrastructures à signer la demande d’aide financière été tout document permettant de donner suite à la présente résolution. 

Projet de résolution rejeté à la majorité à la suite d’un vote dont le résultat est :

Membres du conseil en faveur de l’adoption de la résolution : Pamela Tremblay

Membre du conseil contre l’adoption de la résolution : Geneviève Lachance Martin Couture Michel Poitras Richard Chartrand Brian Trainor

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