During the last council meeting on December 5th, there were around 50 people in the audience. The attendance at the last two council meetings has been really great, let’s hope it continues! Citizen engagement is crucial for proper functioning of our democratic system.

Question Period: Bill n°122

Question period was very busy. One topic which was brought up by a citizen was “loi no 122” or Bill n°122. It was asked to all councillors if we would support the involvement of the public in some of the decision making process regarding the changes around Bill n°122.

“Bill n°122: An Act mainly to recognize that municipalities are local governments and to increase their autonomy and powers.” (mamrot.gouv.qc.ca)

Bill 122 only came into effect on June 16th, 2017.This new law hasn’t been examined yet by the council but will be in the new year. Once we know more, I will definitely discuss it here and try to clarify what it means for Saint-Lazare residents. Stay tuned!

If you want to read more about it, you can find information here:

http://www.assnat.qc.ca/en/travaux-parlementaires/projets-loi/projet-loi-122-41-1.html or

2018 Regular Council Meetings Schedule

December 5th was the last council meeting for 2017. The next one will be January 30, 2018. After that, it will be every second Tuesday of the month (note the changes). Although it had been the first Tuesday of the month for as long as I remember, we had to change for administrative reasons to the second Tuesday of the month.

See the schedule below for the regular council meetings for the year 2018:

Tuesday January 30th, 7:30pm
Tuesday February 13, 7:30pm
Tuesday March 13, 7:30pm
Tuesday April 10, 7:30pm
Tuesday May 8, 7:30pm
Tuesday June12, 7:30pm
Tuesday July 10, 7:30pm
Tuesday August 14, 7:30pm
Tuesday September 11, 7:30pm
Tuesday October 9, 7:30pm
Tuesday November 13, 7:30pm
Tuesday December 11, 7:30pm

If you have any questions or comments, please post it below.

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