Tuesday January 30, 2018 Saint-Lazare Council adopted the budget for 2018. This was the product of 2 months of work for the newly elected council. Being 5 out of 6 new councillors brought some challenges, but I think at the same time allowed for new perspectives to be brought to the table.

You can find the documents on the city’s website http://ville.saint-lazare.qc.ca/budget.


Balanced budget of $30 million.

TAXES: (base rate – $100 valuation) $0.6741. An increase of 1.13% for a house with an average value of $370,000 on a septic installation, which represents for the same house, an increase of approximately $33 on your tax bill for 2018 (1.62% increase for those with sewer connections for an average house value of $370,000).

TOWNHALL: The property tax for the construction of the new town hall is included in the residual property tax rate. It represents $0.0115 / $100 valuation (about $42.55 per household for an average home assessment of $370,000). In 2019 The property tax for the new city hall will include 100% of the final cost of the loan. Taking into account the financial contribution of the federal and provincial governments for the community hall, the rate is estimated at $0.0139 / $100 of evaluation which represents an estimated annual amount of $53 on the tax bill for a residence of $370,000.

AU GALOP: There will be no Au Galop Festival in 2018. It was decided that we would put a hold on it until we get a real sense of what the population want since there was so much controversy around the event.

SURVEY: In 2018, the Council will survey residents on the issues that were often mentioned during the 2017 election, including the Saint-Lazare Au Gallop Festival, the roundabout (at the corner of chemin Saint-Louis and Bédard) and the revitalization of downtown Saint-Lazare. Residents will be asked to comment on these issues during the year.

COMPOSTING: Collection of food residues will start in 2019. More information to come throughout the year.

PLANNED PROJECTS: Note that although some projects have been planned and budgeted on the PTI, this doesn’t guarantee that these projects will be taking place (many factors must be taken into consideration first). See the Capital Expenditure Program (PTI) for more details http://bit.ly/PTI2018.

The mandate received from residents during the elections was clear, the necessity to maintain a low tax rate and to reduce big unnecessary spending. I think we have achieved our goal this year! Having said that, the work does not stop here! In my opinion and according to what residents expressed in the last months, we must continue to focus on maintaining and improving the infrastructures of the city and remain conservative with our expenses.

If you have anything you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.