Citizen Participation

Attendance during the regular council meeting unfortunately was a little disappointing this month. As well, a large number of the audience leave after question period which in my opinion is a big issue since that’s the time when council vote on projects, changes, expenses, etc. and is the perfect opportunity for the public to learn about what is being done or planned. I guess it’s to be expected after an election and budget time as the dust settles but I’m hoping this will not become a monthly trend and residents will keep getting involved and informed.

Would having the council meetings broadcasted online help increase citizen participation? Hopefully we’ll be able to test that theory shortly!


District One: Zoning Changes

During the meeting (February 13, 2018), council voted in favor of modifying the zoning for C-054, C-056, C-058, C-060, C-076, and C-078.

As previously mentioned during a public consultation last November, these zones were “already” classified as commercial but were restricted on the type of commercial space allowed. These changes will bring more options and will be classified the same (C1) as the zones around Mon Village (C-052 and H-053) which were already changed last March by the previous council.

During the public consultation (, some residents had questions and concerns about these proposed changes. With these concerns in mind, council examined the issues and were able to look into it further and feel comfortable enough with the answers received from the administration to go ahead with the zoning changes.

Please find some of the reasoning behind our decision and answers to the questions received during the public consultation which were presented during the council meeting on February 13 (in French only).