Even before I decided to run for elections, I felt that a change was needed on the way decisions were made at the municipal level. I always thought that by the time residents learned of changes or new decisions, it often seemed to be after the fact. As well, as a resident I often felt that we had no power in the decision making process. After all, shouldn’t we as residents have a say in how we want our town to look like in the future?

 The idea here is not to have citizens participate in every single decision a municipality needs to make, that wouldn’t be productive. But rather, citizen participation should be used for big decisions, the ones that will have the biggest impact on their lives.

This requires a total change in culture which is a very slow process. With the upcoming sustainable development project, we will be able to put this to test as it will require citizen participation.

Please keep an eye out for more on the Saint-Lazare sustainable development project in the months to come.