Almost halfway through our mandate, I started to ponder about the last 2 years. I thought I would share some things I’ve learned so far in my position as a city councillor. If you ever consider running in the next election, think about the following points:

What I’ve Learned

1. Things move slower than a sloth climbing a tree. That’s bureaucracy at it’s best!

2. Everything cost at least 10 times more than what you imagine

3. You can’t make everyone happy

4. Trust your instincts

5. Putting your foot in your mouth will happen when you strongly feel passionate about something, trust me…

6. Pushing for change is really hard

7. Write everything down

8. People have a love affair with their garbage

9. Protocol, formalities and pictures are definitely not my thing

10. Breath

11. Question everything

12. Mistakes will be made

13. Working part-time as a councillor for some can mean the same as working full time

14. You can’t do it alone

15. Four years is really short

16. Bending the “truth”, manipulation and fake news doesn’t just happen at the Whitehouse

17. A sense of humor will carry you through the hard times

18. Councillors are underestimated

19. Mayors are overestimated

20. Thick skin is mandatory

I ran in the elections in 2017 because I didn’t really like the direction the city was going. I didn’t feel residents were well represented at city hall and wanted to bring in change. This still holds true today but I now realize that in order to accomplish these goals, I will have to be patient (which is really not easy for me) and take it one step at the time. The fact that some of my fellow councilors have the same perspective, I’m definitely confident that we will be able to achieve these goals. The learning continues…