In these difficult times and in light of the COVID-19 epidemic, I wanted to take the time to let our residents know that the city of Saint-Lazare has been working very hard at trying to take the appropriate actions to protect, help and inform it’s citizens.

I also want to emphasise that the welfare of our residents and the good functioning of our town remains crucial for the 5 municipal councillors. Making sure that there’s good collaboration between the council and town administration and moving forward in the same direction is very important to us in order to ensure the good functioning of the town. To achieve this, it is crucial to have a trusting relationship with those we work with at all levels. If you don’t have transparency, honesty and cooperation, it is extremely difficult to have trust. Because this factor has been challenged from day one of our mandate, it is important to know that actions were needed in order to ensure that everyone is working toward the same goals in a collaborative manner. The municipal councillors have confidence that every effort will be made to make sure that these objectives are a priority for everyone.

Although we may face many challenges, know that the municipal councillors strive to put the needs of the communities we serve above all else. Rest assured that as we move ahead, our priorities will remain focused on issues that matter most to residents and businesses.

*This statement is not an official statement of the town of Saint-Lazare but rather my own views as a municipal councillor.