As I scrolled through my Facebook feed, I started feeling a sense of sadness. Reading conversations about COVID and how more and more divided we’re becoming as the numbers seem to be out of control. I felt an urge to write this blog post, mainly to express myself for my own benefit and maybe because a few of you will relate.

The Frustrations

It is clear that there’s a big divide in our society when it comes to COVID; those who think there’s an over-exaggeration and don’t believe in current measures to try to manage the pandemic, and those who are willing to comply because they think it’s the best way to go back to a somewhat normal life.

I won’t hide it, I often ask myself questions about decisions made by our provincial and federal government. Some decisions seem completely contradictory and illogical. Some rules seem over the top and more damaging than helpful. A lot of the decisions seem to be knee jerk reactions or an afterthought instead of a real plan of action. I see a lot of people really frustrated with these decisions and they have the right to be. But what are the alternatives? 

From these frustrations, comes multiple conspiracy theories, attacks on those who disagree, over-reactions, complete meltdowns and irrational behaviors!

The Reality

The reality is, this pandemic is here and real. Ask any health care workers, people who have been sick or families of those who passed away since last March. There are a total of 8,226 COVID related deaths as of today in Quebec. No sense in debating this fact anymore, it will get you nowhere.

It’s safe to say that we’re all fed up, we all want to regain a sense of normalcy and freedom on both sides of the argument. Nobody wants to be told what to do and why should we? After 10 months in, don’t we know enough to follow common sense measures; masks, social distancing, wash your hands, self-isolation, stay away from those at risk, etc. But sadly, the government sets these rules mostly because of those who have no common sense or chose to be selfish in their decisions. Isn’t this always the case? Their decisions are mostly made with the knowledge they have at the moment in order to try to have some control over the pandemic. After all, this is not something that we have experienced before and the future is filled with uncertainties. It’s a hard position to be in, let’s admit it!

The Opportunity

So yes, we’re all tired, frustrated and a little (or a lot) angry with this situation, but we need to get over ourselves and think about the big picture. This negativity is not productive! This division and anger within our community will not help anyone. We can talk about all that is wrong and generate more anger or frustration, but what are you doing to make life a little better? During hard times, we need to support each other, not rip each other apart! We all have a right to have meltdowns, but let’s pick ourselves up, have a little more self-control and look for ways to get through this as a community. We’re given the chance to show solidarity, and empathy towards our neighbours. See this as an opportunity!